Our Clients

The Plaza Advisory Group has been doing what its name implies for more than 25 years. We advise our clients on financial matters. But we feel Plaza is different. We don't cast a wide net. Our target audience is as specific as is our counsel.

Our balance of service and knowledge combines research-based, proactive financial education with innovative and, when needed, flexible planning. We help clients preserve and grow wealth while fostering confidence and a balanced life. Our select clientele includes:

Accomplished Families

Trusted financial counseling remains a Plaza Advisory Group cornerstone, but "trusted" doesn't always mean "old fashioned." Today's affluent families recognize that market volatility is a facet of today's new normal. Accordingly, contemporary wealth management at Plaza employs increasingly sophisticated analysis to produce a market portfolio that strives to be - at once - proactive, innovative, balanced, and still flexible enough to withstand and win at the pace that drives today's financial landscape.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and successful business owners spend much of their time building success. But they often risk their accumulated wealth through inadequate management.

This is where Plaza's proactive financial education, planning, counseling, and management come into play. Plaza's entrepreneurial and successful business owner client base benefits from the Advisory Group's 25 years of experience in wealth management. Wise decisions depend on a trusted balance of timely service and innovative knowledge that keeps the fruits of success as robust as the entrepreneur's and successful business owner's spirit.

Affluent Women

Women represent an increasingly important and growing segment of the economy. Plaza Advisory Group recognizes this positive trend and can accommodate the planning, counseling, and additional services that today's affluent woman expects. Plaza's advisors also understand unique circumstances, such as crafting wealth management plans that lengthen the useful life of settlement funds or providing personalized management at a time when a woman's traditional support network may be transitioning and unavailable.

Retirees and Those Planning to Retire

There has never been a higher premium placed on sophisticated portfolio management than what is in place today. Successful retirement planning, customized to an investor's personality and long-term goals, is critical today. Plaza's advisors respect these retirement dynamics and strives to offer the timely service and research-based knowledge focused on insulating an investor's portfolio so that the retirement experience, including the preparation for it, can be free of stress, balanced, and absent any blind spots.

CEOs and Corporate Executives

Whether you work in St. Louis or St. Paul or Sault Ste. Marie, our proactive financial specialists, along with our 25-plus years experience helping successful people make smart decisions, can help formulate a plan that is simply durable. Before, during, and after major life and business events, the wealth management plan with your name on it will capture, adapt to, and sustain your objectives.


The complexities of today's financial world allow for no exceptions. Philanthropy, despite its unselfishness and embracing of the greater good, demands just as much commitment to research-based and proactive financial education, planning, and management. The Plaza Advisory Group understands that today's volatile investment landscape rewards innovation, flexibility, and proactive management to ensure that philanthropic wishes actually become long-standing realities.